Basics of Getting Cosmetic Dental Work

Basics of Getting Cosmetic Dental Work

We all know that feeling of dread, or the deep loathing you get when you get a slight pain in your back molar. You know it’s probably going to warrant a trip to the dentist. If you’re like me, you cant stand the place. The drilling, the intense pain you could be put through. Going to the dentist for some is not a very easy task, so why is Cosmetic Dental Work any different?

Basics of Getting Cosmetic Dental Work

Cosmetic Dental Work (CDW) is actually extremely advanced, and usually non-serious. All CDW, is unnecessary (to a degree), but is instead recommended to you by your dentist in order to improve your smile. It’s sort of a ‘Plastic Surgery of the Mouth’, and it can range anywhere from simple teeth whitening to (a rather serious) full dental reconstruction. In fact, some people have already had CDW done to them, and they may not even know it. If you’ve had anything along the lines of an inlay, where the dentist will set and stick a porcelain film over your teeth in order to essentially ‘fill’ the cracks and crevasses caused by tooth erosion and decay, you’ve had a type of CDW.

If you’ve ever gone through the painful process of losing a tooth (as have I), and received an implant as a replacement, you’ve undergone a process considered part of CDW. Even dental fillings are classified under CDW now, as the pain relief steps have advanced to make way for nearly painless procedures. I’ll say that again: CDW is virtually painless when done correctly, and should not be feared! ┬áHere is a video showing how cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile.

Braces are not Cosmetic

However, CDW does NOT include braces and teeth straightening, as that is usually associated with Orthodontic practices and such. Also, be warned, some dental plans do not cover CDW, as most of it is not necessary, as stated above. Definitely do keep in mind that anything stated above is generalized information and that CDW can be botched at any point. Some of these procedures are genuinely SURGERY, and that you should know what you want and be contempt with your decision before you make it. Pick your dentist carefully, as that will matter as well.

However, as having gone through some CDW myself, I can tell you: don’t worry yourself to death over botched surgery. The odds of that happening are so slim not much comes up with an extremely general google search. Chances are it doesnt exactly happen often. Your dentist is probably qualified to do most of it, as like stated before, most CDW is genuinely non-urgent fixes.

Talk with your dentist, and see if CDW is right for you and your situation.