Pros & Cons of Tooth Caps

Pros and Cons of Dental Caps Types

Dental caps in general add a good deal of strength to a weakened or worn tooth, and last ten to fifteen years. Depending on your habits and the condition of your gums, there may be some drawbacks for you. Your cosmetic dentist will advise which is best for you given several factors, such as how important appearance is to you. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the most common types of caps.

Gold Caps

Advantage: The preparation of your tooth for a gold cap is the simplest and least complicated preparation. There is minimal tooth structure removal with as much as possible of the healthy tooth structure remaining untouched. As porcelain is hard by comparison, it may cause wear on opposing teeth over the years where gold is not as likely to do this. Gold is also easier to place to the area where the tooth and cap meet for a better fit. Gold is also a healthier environment for the gum tissue.

Disadvantage: The biggest disadvantage to gold caps is cosmetic, unless it is being used in the back of your mouth.

Porcelain Caps

Advantage: Porcelain caps or the new reinforced resin types are considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing, as it is so easily matched in color to your surrounding teeth.

Disadvantage: The thickness of the porcelain required for pleasing aesthetics also requires that more tooth structure is removed. Also, it is more difficult for your cosmetic dentist to get an ideal fit where your gum meets the cap. Gingival inflammation is typically more common with porcelain caps than gold caps.

Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Caps

Advantage: Porcelain fused-to-metal caps have a very natural and pleasing appearance.

Disadvantage: They have a metal substructure and require an opaque below the porcelain, which can make the translucency of natural teeth difficult to replicate. Occasionally a darker line will be visible at the edge of the cap, by your gum as your gum recedes with age.

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