Advantages & Disadvantages of Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Gum Surgery


Healing is usually quick and your more youthful and beautiful smile is obvious early on. It has been reported that cosmetic gum surgery additionally improves the health of your gums. The procedure to correct receding gums may even reduce your tooth sensitivity to cold or hot foods or beverages while protecting your roots from decay and lessening further gum shrinkage.


Cosmetic gum surgery is of course, surgery. Surgery is often performed in segments under a local anesthetic - unless your entire mouth is undergoing this procedure at once, then a general anesthesia is typically used.

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  1. Introduction to cosmetic gum surgery
  2. Gum surgery - an overview
  3. Who is a candidate for gum surgery?
  4. Gum surgery - Procedure description
  5. Types of cosmetic gum surgery procedures
  6. Procedure to correct a "gummy smile"
  7. Procedure to correct a "long tooth smile"
  8. Cost of cosmetic gum surgery
  9. Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic gum surgery
  10. Gum surgery - Before and after photos
  11. Personal stories from people who have had cosmetic gum surgery
  12. Discuss gum surgery on the dentistry message board

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 A guide to cosmetic gum surgery.