Personal Stories: Dentures

I knew I wasn't going to be one of those people with a perfect smile when my adult teeth came in. My family didn't have the money for me to have one of those great smiles. They didn't think such things were worth spending money on. Our town didn't have fluoridation either, so it was of no great surprise to visit the dentist, first time in eighteen years, to hear that most of my teeth were shot. Evidently gum disease and tooth decay ruled my mouth for many years. I ignored my dentist's advise back then, and sure enough, one by one, my teeth were falling out. I spoke funny, and had one heck of a time chewing most foods. And still, what I had learned as a kid was still with me, I placed no importance on my smile - or lack there of.

My wife passed when we were in our early fifties, and about two years later I met a nice woman that I really wanted to catch the eye of. It hit me all at once at that time, just how embarrassed I really was. She had pointed out that I didn't smile much, and I couldn't bring myself to tell her why. So back the the dentist I went.

Even implants were not likely to work out well for me, so he mentioned the word my parents had used so many times, dentures. I couldn't believe it, and at my age! But the shock was short lived when I really thought about. And when I thought about having a perfect smile, even of false teeth, I knew this was for me. I had it done, and find myself smiling all the time. It's funny, people thought I was happy all of a sudden, but it was just that I could smile without feeling shame. Oh, and yeah, I caught that woman's eye, and we've been married now for six years.

Kevin, Indiana

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