Advantages & Disadvantages of Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

Pros and Cons of a tooth contouring and reshaping


Your dentist can remove only a small amount of tooth enamel, contouring your problem tooth into a more pleasing shape for an improved smile. The tooth contouring procedure is quick, simple, painless, and inexpensive.


There are limits.  You may be at risk for tooth breakage and decay if too much enamel is removed your teeth. If your teeth were uneven because you grind them, they'll become uneven again until the grinding issue is resolved. Your dental insurance is likely to cover tooth contouring and reshaping only if it is needed as a result of an accident.

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  1. Introduction to dental contouring and tooth reshaping
  2. What are dental contouring and reshaping?
  3. Who is a candidate for the procedure?
  4. Procedure description: Dental contouring and reshaping
  5. Variations on the procedure
  6. How much does contouring and reshaping cost?
  7. Pros and cons of getting a tooth reshaping and contouring
  8. Before and after pictures - dental contouring
  9. Personal stories from dental contouring and tooth reshaping patients
  10. Discuss contouring on the message board

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 A guide to tooth contouring and reshaping.