Tooth Contouring and Reshaping Costs

How much does tooth contouring and reshaping cost?

Your dental insurance is likely to cover tooth contouring and reshaping only if it is needed as a result of an accident, but this is a relatively inexpensive procedure. The cost depends on how much the dental reshaping is needed, but average costs are approximately $50 to $350 per tooth.

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  1. Introduction to dental contouring and tooth reshaping
  2. What are dental contouring and reshaping?
  3. Who is a candidate for the procedure?
  4. Procedure description: Dental contouring and reshaping
  5. Variations on the procedure
  6. How much does contouring and reshaping cost?
  7. Pros and cons of getting a tooth reshaping and contouring
  8. Before and after pictures - dental contouring
  9. Personal stories from dental contouring and tooth reshaping patients
  10. Discuss contouring on the message board

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 A guide to tooth contouring and reshaping.